Get to know more about our company background and directions.

1.1 About Us

The company is a specialty precision machining, die casting and mould making services based
in Johor, Malaysia. Our company produces parts for various industries, medical devices,
communication, Audio, Printers, defence and Instrumentation products. Building a solid
reputation on service, our philosophy is to build our business one customer at a time and treat
each customer like a partner in business.

The company want to be your total solutions partner. Helping you develop solutions to your
challenges is what we are all about. Sharing employee, building warehousing facilities and
integrating manufacturing system are one of the innovative solutions that we provide to our

The company employ the latest in engineering technology. The use of some of the most
powerful mechanical design software, and allows for comprehensive part development, from a
product’s conceptual design and simulation through manufacturing. Abilities such as 2D/3D
modelling, part rendering equate to the best designed parts for our customers.

The company utilizes the latest, state-of-the-art machining software with advanced surfacing
technology of the latest CNC high speed 2, 3 and 4-axis machining and the most advanced wire
EDM technology available today, Company has the ability to offer competitive pricing, quick
turnaround and accommodate unique product design needs

1.2 Vision

Over the last decade, our relentless pursuit for excellence, had driven us to be vertically the
integrated in better servicing our customers.

Coupled with our vertical integration is our strategic alliance ship with our suppliers i.e.
material suppliers, extrusion, surface treatment, etc. Enabling us to have a shorter lead- time,
competitive pricing and superior Quality products.

We will continue our pursuit for excellence and provides better solution to our valued

1.3 Corporate Strategy

One-Stop Precision / Engineering Center through vertical and Horizontal Integration

• Vertical Integration
Strategic Alliance with suppliers i.e Extrusion and Surface Treatment
Partnership with customers by integrating Die design and pressure die-casting.

• Horizontal Integration
Provide Die casting and Mould making services through our subsidiary companies

• Strategic Alliance
– Extrusion
– Solid Raw Material
– Plating and Painting

1.4 News

Globaltron-PLCTechnologies 18th Anniversary

Exciting news for our customers! We are currently designing special custom made souvenirs for our beloved customers as an appreciation for supporting us for all these years. Stay tune for further updates!

We are the world class precision machining, die casting and moulding company providing the highest quality products, services and solutions to our customers.